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Whether it’s a Victorian in Lafayette Square, a mid-century modern in Crestwood, or a gingerbread in Southampton; home is your safe haven & a place to create happy memories with those you love. Our family of hard-working real estate professionals are here to help you get there.

Rueben Wuerdeman

Portrait photo of Rueben Wuerdeman
Direct | 314-250-2596
Office | 314-353-0336

After finding out how much college actually costs, Rueben decided his young life's savings was better spent building a real estate portfolio than seeking a secondary education (& he wasn't wrong).  Now he & husband, Danny, own rental properties throughout St. Louis & lay claim both East & West of Kingshighway.  Rueben enjoys helping first time home buyers & investors build wealth of their own in real estate. If you're a new investor, you need Rueben in your life.  He will pour into you his love for real estate & will empower you with knowledge.  While Rueben is a proud city resident, he'll eagerly take your home or investment search in any direction. He's not afraid of going outside the 270 bubble, if that's where you want to be, that's where he goes. 

Rueben is one of those wake up before dawn type of guys & if he doesn't have a Wall Street Journal in hand, there's a good chance NPR is playing in the background.  He's both a Cardinals & a Royals fan, so you can't be mad at him.  When Rueben isn’t at his computer ready to literally do anything for you, he & Danny can be found keeping up with his beloved nieces & nephews, out hiking trails, or just enjoying being outdoors whenever possible. Trekking around a new city or relaxing on a beach are always among his travel goals & he is determined to see the world by working hard & living small.

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